This season is all about the seventies – from blue and green eye shadow to bright orange and fuchsia lips.


As stunning as these bold colours look on the runway adorning the faces of international models, implying that the rest of us would look just as great would be as truthful as a Politian caught in a cheating scandal.


So here’s my low down on the trends for Spring/Summer 2011 AND how to wear them whatever decade you fall in to:


Hair: Hair conveys a message of decadence, power & sophistication this season with heavily stylized versions of the 70’s disco diva.


Whilst London and New York saw big hair inspired by Studio 54 and the disco era, Paris and Milan saw a much smaller silhouette of the same trend.


Finger waves and a sleek bun were the focus at Prada in Milan, giving us a beautifully modernized version of a 1930’s silhouette.


How to wear it:


20’s & 30’s: Sleek low bun with a looser feeling in the back. Keep the front groomed with a touch of gel or mousse. Those of you with a little more dexterity should play around with a few finger waves for fun.


40’s & 50’s: Bust out the heated rollers and opt for the softer version of the runway trends. Big soft wavy hair is universally flattering. Don’t spend too much time getting the look – the modern version of seventies glamour is touchable hair that is not so perfect.


Lips: Milan Fashion Week paid special attention to the lips this season, with bright hues of orange, red and fuchsia. Gucci went for glossy lips whilst models at Marni wore their shades in a matt finish. In Paris, models at the Louis Vuitton & Mui Mui shows wore deep burgundy, adding more color options to the “Loud Mouth” trend.


How to wear it:


20’s & 30’s: This trend is more about size than age – if your lips are full, go for this trend in its original form – opt for matt finishes during the day and glamorous glossy textures for the evening. Keep the rest of your make-up to a bare minimum.


If your lips are more china-doll than Angelina Jolie, opt for sheer colour washes in orange red and fuchsia or skip the lips altogether and use the same palette on your fingers instead. Funk it up by choosing matt finish nail polish for a more rock n’ roll vibe.


40’s & 50’s: If you’re lucky enough to have great lips opt for more sophisticated tones in burnt orange and burgundy.


If you would rather not draw attention to your lips, use the more sophisticated colour palette on your nails instead. Opt for glossy finishes for a highly polished look.


Eyes: Brightly colored eye shadow washed across the entire eyelid in bold hues of yellow and turquoise was seen on the runways of Dior, Lowe and Kenzo with a surprising air of sophistication and decadence.


How to wear it:


20’s & 30’s: Keep this look for evenings only and make sure you blend the edges flawlessly. As with any other make-up statement – keep everything else to a minimum.


40’s & 50’s:  Change the colour palette and this is a trend that can work for you. Opt for sheer gold and blend browner tones into the eye line and sockets for a more sizzling version of the 70’s!



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